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A contemporary fashion label based around the idea of optimising less to the fullest. We care about our planet and therefore sustainability is at the core of the brand. We create fashion that enables our consumer to take part in our creative process and our sustainability practices.

Sustainability is the hope that reflects our ability to sustain anything and everything. Creating timeless pieces that stays in a person’s closet for a longer time. By elongating the life of a garment; we offer a more conscious lifestyle to our consumer. 


The name CUIN is made of two words. Cu meaning Copper and In meaning  India.

Copper is the element of planet Venus which is the goddess of beauty & love. In copper there is a desire, a beauty and a necessity. We as a label wish to evoke the similar desire through our designs in people.

OUR UNIQUE selling proposition

Inclusivity, open-mindedness, and diversity

Since our products are customisable, one need not worry about sizing, colors, and designs that will match their liking and body type. We diversify in all kinds of collection and styles.

Premium Quality fabrics & Embroidery

A garment’s fabric content matters. The selection of our apparel fabrics, all of which are hand-picked by our creative experts, provides quality and beauty to our collection.

Customisation & client Satisfaction

Great customer service goes in pair with great and friendly communication. Added value in the tips, tricks, services updates, and special customisations keeps our customers satisfied, happy and most of all loyal.

sustainable approach towards design

Our designs are created keeping in mind that they are multi functional, transformational and evergreen. Hence we wish to increase the shelf life of our garments making the collection sustainable.


Shubhi Aggarwal
Creative Director
Imran Ansari
Customer Support
Udit Aggarwal
Ashima Aggarwal
Business Development
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